Congratulations, it’s a blog!

After a long hiatus away from all things web (as far as putting things on pages for others to see, anyway), I thought it was time to get back into the game! Game Development, that is! *segue*

The purpose of this blog has always been primarily to document my return foray into game development (briefly touched upon in the about page), but I haven’t been very good at actually keeping up with it; I tend to drift away from talking about doing things to actually doing things, and then lose the incentive to do the things, and.. vicious cycle.

So, to finally try and get into some good habits, I’m participating in Devember 2015, which requires not only coding every day (which I have no problem with at all) but actually writing a devlog (which I am terrible with). And so, I relaunch the bloggity with the hopes of actually accomplishing this goal!

I had a few posts relating to math that game developers should now (to help refresh myself) which I have moved to a new set of pages and out of the blog itself. There are actually more of them in the draft stage, so we’ll see how long it takes to get them to appear. I will be busy (hopefully!) for the next 30 days or so doing other things. I may have a chance in the next few days, but holiday preparations are in full swing, so we’ll see how that works out.

Where I go from this point, I do not know. Hopefully I’ll attract a reader or two that might have some questions or ideas for topics to talk about. You can tweet me @OdatNurd on twitter with ideas/compliments/condemnations. Chances are good the bleeps and bloops of my phone are going to let me know right away that it happened