The update that wanted to be but was not

This week’s update is going to be extremely short due to some time commitments on a personal front. We’re reaching the height of:

  • People wanting to go do fun stuff with their families for their summer vacation
  • Projects at work that need to be done as soon as possible for a variety of reasons

In every such situation there’s always some poor schmo that get stuck holding the bag while other people have fun, and this time around that schmo is me.

All of my spare time as of late has been pretty much taken up with getting up to speed on a variety of projects at work that I will be in charge of for the better part of August. What little time that was left over has been spent spending time with family or just relaxing in a non-computer context for a little bit.

I can say that I have started the changes that I mentioned last week; I’m working on a new Brick entity that takes over all of the brick related logic from the BrickGrid entity, and all of the small minor tweaks that that entails. However, I didn’t get very far into the refactor before I had to step away.

Although things will be busy for a while starting soon (Happily I get a couple of days off before everything ramps up full speed), once everything gets rolling I should have more time than I have had currently, so I’m not anticipating any long term impact.

However, I did want to make a weekly update anyway. Even an update that explains why there is not a better update is a better update than no update. That’s the sort of slippery slope back to not making weekly reports and holding myself accountable for that I don’t want to start sliding down.