It’s the final Lintdown

Here we are at the antepenultimate day of Devember 2017 and the last of the linter changes for the initial authoring tools has been completed, oh happy day!

If you thought that the most recent devlog entries were short, get ready for this!

The last lint feature that needed to be added was something that would tell you when the list of help files in the index doesn’t match the list of help files that exist inside of the document root, since at the moment adding a new help file doesn’t modify the index file for you. This is a simple check that gathers the list of all of the .txt files in the document root of the package and compares it to the list of files known in the index.

If files exist in the index but not in the document root, that’s an error because the system is going to try to look up a topic and fail to do so. Conversely a file that exists in the document root but not in the index is just a warning. That is probably indicative of you forgetting to add a file to the index, but that’s not overly harmful since the index doesn’t know about it yet.

Unlike the previous linting that is done regardless of what’s being linted, this check is only done if you lint a help index. This allows you to lint single help files without being bothered with extra details about the index that you might not care about.

With this change out of the way, the rest of the changes for Devember will likely be just fleshing out the current help in all of the associated packages of the project, unless I find some glaring bug or omission that needs to be addressed.