It’s the penultimate count down

This devlog update might be the shortest one of any Devember entry thus far. All of the work done this evening was to update and upgrade the core help that is packed with hyperhelp itself to make it more accurate. All of the existing help (save the authoring.txt file) is now updated with the latest information on the related topics, which also includes some rewording and some general clean up.

Tomorrow will be the day for trying to grind out the last of the help, which includes fleshing out the stubbed authoring.txt file as well as including some other files that detail the structure of the support files to better document how they work, and a little work up on the API that’s available to outside packages.

There’s not really a lot else to say here, except that thanks to this clean up the lint warnings on the entire help package have dropped to three and most files are now clean, which is nice.