About the Bloggity

The purpose of the Bloggity

I used to have a bloggity a long time ago, but then I stopped blogging things into it. Recently however I have realized that all sorts of cool people have blogs, and they’re awesome.

And so, I thought I’d go ahead and start up another bloggity, in case I ever got the notion in my head that I should blog about something.

What’s on the Bloggity?

Currently, not a whole lot of stuff. Perhaps that will change at some point, although who can say? I don’t have a particularly good track record in this area.

I plan on participating in Devember this year (2015 as of this particular writing), and the rules indicate that I must actually write a daily blog post about code written during that day. This might kick me into the habit of keeping more up to date with actually putting stuff here.

Who runs the Bloggity?

The Nurdz Bloggity is primarily serviced by poindexter, the guy in charge of all of the nurdz.com sites. You might know him better as Odat if you ever happened to run into him on DALnet IRC in #chat, or @OdatNurd on twitter, Steam and just about everywhere else, where the handle Odat was already taken (will wonders never cease?). In extreme circumstances, you might know him by the name Terence, although that seems somewhat unlikely.

Poindexter has been in software development since 1984, currently works for an unnamed company writing unnamed software using Objective-C and GNUstep for unnamed reasons, is a (talent-less) aspiring game developer with nothing to show for anything, and enjoys referring to himself in the third person. Oh yeah, and he plays guitar! Kinda…

Talent-less? Really?

Weeell.. mostly? Historically, I’ve been into software development since back in grade 5, using basic on my first ever computer, a Colecovision Adam. From there I moved on to a PC clone and Pascal, then to C and Assembler, and so on and so forth and now here we are in a world of phones more powerful than almost every computer I’ve ever owned combined together and where knowledge of how to write a hand optimized sprite blitting routine in 8086 assembly code is somewhat less than useful than it used to be.

So technically speaking I have been making games for quite a while now. That said, I haven’t done anything like this in the last 10 years or so at least, and with things moving so fast, you might as well say that I don’t actually know anything. I know *I* say that.

As such, this bloggity is more or less the ravings of a bumbling old coot trying to recapture something he may never have actually held in the first place.