Initial efforts to port my framework from JavaScript to TypeScript have now been completed on day two. Theoretically I could now proceed forward with the game prototyping portion, but I still want to clean things up a bit.

I fell into a bit of a Java mind trap during the initial port; TypeScript totally allows you to create just regular functions in a namespace, and export them (or not), which is not really what I expected. In the original version of the code I was implementing some of the static class methods by just having a regular function or variable, but in this initial porting push I switched that to using a more TypeScript static method.

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The first day of Devember is now over, with some porting effort complete, some mild mystification of how TypeScript operates, and a couple of niggles regarding the used tools.

First things first; the repository for the code of this project is being hosted at:

I’m using just a single master branch (for now, at least), but I will commit any code generated at the end of each day, and tag the final commit of the day. I figure this is a good way to track exactly how much was done on each day. Day one’s commits have been pushed up for perusal by the masses.

So, how did the first day go?

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As previously mentioned, I will be participating in Devember this year to help raise awareness for in their mission to have everyone everywhere learn how to program a computer. Each day in December, I will spend at least one hour working on some code, which will be shared with the public (spooky!) along with a daily development log.

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Programming computers is fun! Knowing how to program teaches you how to think about problems and the best ways to solve them; it teaches you how any problem, no matter how large, can be broken down into a smaller series of more easily manageable steps. It helps develop your imagination. More importantly, programming is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

The people at the non-profit organization believe that everyone should spend at least one hour learning how to program. Today, computers are everywhere; almost any job you do, you’re going to be using a computer. Learn more about them!

It is with this idea of spending an hour learning to program that Devember was created.

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