Getting in touch with the mind(s) behind the Bloggity

If you find you would like to contact me in some manner, email would probably be your best bet. You can send emails to the account bloggity at the domain hosting this particular site, which would be and it will totally be eventually directed right into a folder in my email client where I will peruse it almost immediately or at least at some point soon thereafter.

Once so perused your email may be subjected to a press on the Reply button as well as various other keyboard actions which may or may not result in text that could be reasonably thought to be English, which might possibly but might possibly not provide to you the response that you inevitably hoped to obtain when you started the communications exchange initially.

I don’t have the time to personally respond to all emails that I get (because I get a lot of spam and I’m often busy wishing for super powers) but I’ll try real hard!

Failing that, you could also tweet at me at @OdatNurd, as I accidentally joined the 21st century back in 2012. You can often find me on twitter re-tweeting things smarter people have said. Technology is AWESOME!